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Seminars for Married Couples

The 3 Secrets to Releasing God’s Power in Your Marriage

All too often couples try to make marriage work on their own strength. Here Perry and Dianne unlock the keys to plugging into God’s power in marriage.

How To Fight For Your Marriage: Helping Your Spouse Hear What You Say and Understand What You Mean

In this popular message, Perry and Dianne use drama and personal stories to show how to overcome the four most common hurdles to effective communication.

Fireproof Your Marriage

Perry and Dianne show how doing the “small things often” will transform your relationship and protect it from any disaster.

Becoming A “Dream Catcher”: How Fulfilling Your Spouse’s Dreams Helps You Achieve Your Own       

Perry and Dianne examine how supporting one another’s life dreams leads to joy and greater marital satisfaction.


Break Out Sessions:

What Do Women Want from Their Husbands?
(Led by Dianne)

This message for men is a highlight of Perry and Dianne’s marriage conferences. Men will gain powerful insights and practical tips that will help them bring out the best in their wives.

What Do Men Want from Their Wives?
(Led by Perry)

This message for women is a highlight of Perry and Dianne’s marriage conferences. Women will gain powerful insights and practical tips that will help them bring out the best in their husbands.


Seminars for Singles

Intentional Dating: Your Road Map to the Amazing Journey God Has for You

In this talk Perry and Dianne share about their experience with “intentional dating” and discuss how it can transform your future.

Sexy & Single: How to Say No When Your Body Says Yes

In this candid discussion, Perry and Dianne address the question: In a sex-saturated culture, is it realistic to strive for purity, and are there really any benefits to doing so?

How Will I Know When I’ve Met The One?

This message offers practical tips for answering “The Big Question.”

More Than Enough?

Perry and Dianne offer wisdom and encouragement on a difficult issue all singles face: How is God supposed to meet my needs when I can’t feel Him or touch Him?

Perry Individually

(Ideal for Men's Events, Breakfasts and Pastors Support Events.)

How to Build a Fabulous Future and Let Go of the Past

Ever ask the question, “Is this all there is?” Perry shows practical ways to move forward in the destiny God has for you, while breaking free of past wounds.

The Secret Formula to Courageous Living: C=TAR

In this, his signature message, Perry shares a simple yet profound strategy for courageous living that will appeal to both business executive and stay-at-home mom.

Are You Man Enough to Protect Your Marriage?

This seminar for men is the culmination of an in-depth eight-week series. Husbands will better understand their crucial role as “warriors” for their families.

Dianne Individually

(Ideal for Ladies' Events, Luncheons, Retreats and MOPS Groups.)

How Your Brain Affects Your Marriage

In this popular message, Dianne shares humorous personal stories and a straightforward approach to having your brain work for you and not against you in your relationships.

Setting Healthy Marriage Boundaries: The In-Law Dilemma

You said “I do” to your spouse, but what you didn’t bargain for was a whole new family! Dianne teaches how lovingly assertive teamwork in your marriage will help support your whole family.

Submission in the 21st Century: The Top 10 Things People Won’t Talk About

Dianne takes on popular myths and offers a refreshing, liberating, Biblical perspective on this all-too-often misunderstood principle of Godly marriages.




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